Gender Role Reversal and Feminism

I’m not a writer or any other so called “professional” my audience. Simply a 60 year old everyday person in all ways save one. I have spent 55 of those years as a crossdressing product of a strong willed, strict Mother, and a free spirited, independently thinking  Sister. By today’s standards I would be considered a victim of child abuse. Although maybe not? These days parents, especially mom’s seem to be allowing 4 year olds to determine their own gender pathway at such a young and inexperienced state of life.

In short order as a child I was indoctrinated in the believe that Women are to be admired, respected, and obeyed. This is obviously a great moral value to teach a child. But considering the social expectations of manhood, my marriages have all wound up ruined. Because Women also have to fulfill their socially imposed gender roles, which don’t include weakish whimpy men like myself.In fact women can only fulfill their assigned gender roles, by ensuring that the macho bad boy that she becomes enslaved too, is also blindly fulfilling his role too..

While one side of me believes both genders should be feminists. Simply because both genders would enjoy relaxed gender role expectations, and thus a happier life.. For example why should my wife be, my wife? My beloved wife earns more $$ than I, is way smarter, and far more educated. I’m always asking her consultation on all manner of topics and problems big and small. One might think that my wife would feel honored, and complimented by my need for her intelligent input?

Quite the contrary however. My wife see’s herself as “my wife” and believes most decision making is “her man’s” job. When clearly from my perspective my role should be as her wife! As she is emotionally stronger, and far better qualified to be the decision maker and husband in our marriage. Sadly my wife doesn’t view herself as empowered enough to take the reigns of leading our relationship from me. Even though I’ve literally begged to surrender them too her for 19 years now… This is why the other side of me very sadly believes Women are way more likely to reject Feminism, than are men.

Women are the educators, Sunday school teachers, organisers, etc. that keeps society safe, and civilized. Why would they want a Feminized society when they can lean on men for that level of security? Perhaps I’m mistaken as I’ve no facts to back this up? But there’s a growing number of men like myself, I sense. That simply aren’t seeing the social nor personal benefits of  patriarchy. I believe Women know best which direction to set our social sails for the future… The unanswered question is, do they??

Rob Milliken




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