On Second Thought…

At age 20 back in’76 a Female coworker knew my Mother back in the 60’s and asked if I was still cd’ing? Sure I replied, so Racheal explained that there was a Male Feminist support group within the fledgling NOW, National Organization of Women. Racheal who had lived in the burbs and was head of her Female Led Marriage told me that she and other Mothers within NOW regulated their marriges as well. Including their sons in clothing and toy choices normally reserved for girls as per the teachings of Gloria Allred.

Racheal thought I’d fit right in so I called NOW’s Male Feminist support group and found myself welcomed and volunteering the following weekend. I didn’t know that there were so many weak males like me alive! And even one of the Male Feminist members seemed to be playing the role of secretary for his Feminist wife taking steno as his wife dictated letters to him. The couple was from N.Y. City and it was usual to find them every Saturday at the NOW offices in D.C., wearing matching ladies pants suits and similar short curled hair style.

It was great to enjoy the freedom of Feminine expression, while contributing to helping Women overcome way more patriarchy, then we have these days. Though having spent time actually in service to Women through NOW until 1982. It was was a very different less confrontational scene within the Feminist movement. Back then all civil rights movements welcomed support from anyone with open arms. If you were white and joined the rainbow coalition they were smart enough to desire that their public face contained a few white ones regardless of gender.

But in recent studies of existing Feminist groups these days both black and white. Not only are they segregated amongst themselves. But in their newly adopted Lesbian lifestyle males aren’t allowed membership at all! Honestly Feminism isn’t the only civil rights I’ve been involved with. From 2008-2010 I demonstrated alongside an LBGT military legal group that eventually assisted overturning don’t ask, don’t tell.But frankly while doing so I came there to work, I don’t give a rats ~~~ what the next jerks sexual proclivity is?

Sexuality however seems to be the important yet immature topic of Feminist organizations these days. Gloria Allred never once advised selfishly running from straight relationships hiding from obvious responsibility. Why? Because if Feminism is to truly flourish and become mainstream in the future. Males must become indoctrinated and tamed into Feminism.. This will never be realised if we all decide to hate men and become lesbians.

We crossdressers are seen as mere perverts, but are we? We believe more in G. Allreds teachings than most Feminists who seem scared to graduate to radical Feminists. Ms. Allred taught that if little girls were given one less tea set and one more Leggo Erector Set. And if little boys were shorted one less toy gun, and given one more doll. That the two future genders would finally realize true equality. Yet the millenial Feminists have either forgotten Ms. Allreds words, or believe  she is as much a pervert as the average male crossdresser?

Cross dressers are the living evidence Feminists need to prove not only Feminisms basic beliefs, but those dictated by Ms. Allred. Regardless Feminists continue obliviously stroll down the road waiting for the next sister to do all the work. So these days while I believe  in Feminism I think on second thought I’ll pass. There’s no strength of thought, no heart, no true believe in Feminism left.. In the end it’s all about sex, which will never be enough to float Feminism’s boat inyo the long range future….


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